Article Title Author(s) Publication Keywords
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Diffusion of energy-conserving innovations Darley, J. M., & Beniger, J. R. JOURNAL OF SOCIAL ISSUES Own- energy-conserving innovations
Household behavior and the use of natural gas for home heating Verhallen, T. M. M., & van Raaij, W. F. The Journal of Consumer Research Own- energy consumption, household behavior, residential heating
The effect of goal-setting and daily electronic feedback on in-home energy use van Houwelingen, J. H., & van Raaij, W. F. The Journal of Consumer Research Own- goal setting, feedback, energy use
What psychology knows about energy conservation Stern, P. C. American Psychologist Own- energy conservation motives
Psychological research for the new energy problems: Strategies and opportunities Kempton, W., Darley, J. M., & Stern, P. C. American Psychologist Own- energy conservation, environmental problems, energy prices
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Home energy use behaviour: A necessary component of successful local government home energy conservation (LGHEC) programs Mullaly, C. Energy policy Household energy use behaviour, Australian local government
Reducing household energy consumption: a qualitative and quantitative field study Brandon, G., & Lewis, A. Journal of Environmental Psychology Own- residential energy consumption, environmental attitudes, feedback
An overview of fast pyrolysis of biomass Bridgwater, A.V., Meier, D. & Radlein, D. Organic Geochemistry biomass; fast pyrolysis; renewable energy; fuels; chemicals; thermal conversion
Motivating residents to conserve energy without financial incentives McMakin, A. H., Malone, E. L., & Lundgren, R. E. Environment and Behavior Own- residential energy conservation, behavior
Organic-based photovoltaics toward low-cost power generation Shaheen, S.E., Ginley, D.S.,& Jabbour,G.E. MRS Bulletin electron acceptors; energy production; excitations; metal oxide; semiconductors; nanostructures; organic semiconductors; photovoltaics; polymers; power generation; quantum dots solar cells
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Energy production from biomass (part 1): Overview of biomass McKendry, P. Bioresource Technology biomass; gasification; landfill; electricity; gas engines
Review of literature on catalysts for biomass gasification Sutton, D., Kelleher, B., & Ross, J.R.H. Fuel Processing Technology biomass gasification; tar; syngas; catalysts; reforming; dolomite; alkali metals and nickel
The household energy gap: examining the divide between habitual- and purchase-related conservation behaviours Barr, S., Gilg, A. W., & Ford, N. Energy Policy Households; Environmental action; Devon
Utilizing a social-ecological framework to promote water and energy conservation: A field experiment Kurz, T., Donaghue, N., & Walker, I. Journal of Applied Social Psychology Own- social-ecological framework, energy consumption, feedback
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A function-behavior-state approach to designing human–machine interface for nuclear power plant operators Y. Lin, & Zhang, W. J. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE, Design, framework, function-behavior-state model, human–machine interface, nuclear power plants.
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Towards a sustainable energy balance: Progressive efficiency and the return of energy conservation Harris, J., Diamond, R., Iyer, M., Payne, C., Blumstein, C., & Siderius, H. Energy Efficiency appliances, buildings, energy consumption, energy conservation, energy efficiency, energy sufficiency, progressive efficiency
Promoting household energy conservation Steg, L. Energy Policy Household energy use, behavioural change, energy information
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Solar energy conversion by dye-sensitized photovoltaic cells Gratzel, M. Inorganic Chemistry solar
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Promoting energy efficient behaviors in the home through feedback: The role of human-computer interaction Froehlich, J. HCIC 2009 Winter Workshop Feedback
Home energy conservation: Psychological and environmental worldviews Felts, A. University of Missouri Own- residential energy conservation, environmental attitudes
Energy efficiency: Filter media and energy efficiency Sutherland, K. Filtration+Separation Own- energy efficiency, filtration systems
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The effectiveness of feedback on energy consumption Darby, S. University of Oxford, UK. Own- feedback, energy use
Effective advice: Energy efficiency and the disadvantaged Boardman, B. & Darby, S. Own- residential energy efficiency, performance enhancement, energy advice

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